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Big Daddy Brews: Ghalta Dredge

Hey there, Big Daddy Brewers! There’s been a pretty significant event since our last meeting. All of Rivals of Ixalan has been spoiled! So, of course that means we have an entire new set to brew and brainstorm with. The card we’re building around today has been spoiled for awhile, but I wanted to wait for the entire set to be spoiled before writing about it in case there were some other cards in the new set that would be strong inclusions. Including the Commander, today’s deck features three Rivals of Ixalan cards, which isn’t a lot, but one of them is the Commander, and that’s a kind of a big deal. So, here we go, I present to you all: Ghalta Dredge!


Big Daddy Brews: Selvala Enchantress

Hey there Big Daddy Brewers! This week’s deck features the color of magic that I typically avoid: White. I don’t build/play a lot of White decks. It’s easily my least favorite of the five colors. One of my favorite things that White does well, however, is care about enchantments. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that this week’s deck is an Enchantress deck! There are a few different ways that you can take enchantments in Commander, everything from Zur Combo to Oloro Prison to our choice here today: Selvala Enchantress.


Boggsimus Builds: Meren’s Party

A few weeks back, a friend of mine reached out to me for some help with his Meren deck. As I was providing assistance to him, I realized that I wanted to build a Meren deck for myself. I was going to take a different route than him, however, since I tweaked his to be drastically themed with the Dredge mechanic. I should probably run the same mechanic, but for now, here is what I built:


Big Daddy Brews: Mono Mana Maga

Hello again, Big Daddy Brewers! Today the goal is to go big. The deck is all about ramping and doubling your mana. Which, of course, means it’s playing Green Black. There’s not a lot more to introduce about it this week, so let’s dive into the tongue-twisting alliteration that is Mono Mana Maga.


Big Daddy Brews: Sultai Seasons Past

Welcome back to another installation of Big Daddy Brews. This week’s focus is not on a particular Commander but instead a particular card. This week we are building around Standard’s short-lived former all-star Seasons Past. Seasons Past far exceeded my expectations in Standard, and the same holds true in Commander.


Big Daddy Brews: Seton Combo

Sol Ring, Ubiquitous Commander all star. If you’re not playing Sol Ring in your Commander deck then you’re generally putting yourself at a disadvantage before the game even starts because you can almost guarantee that every other deck at the table has included the one mana artifact. So this week’s deck building inspiration? Build a deck that can justify omitting Sol Ring.


Boggsimus Builds: Dinos!

I think it’s an innate thing instilled into every little boy to have a fondness for dinosaurs. You know what? My love for dinos has not gone away! I am so happy that they have been brought into Magic and not as Beasts and Lizards, which they were categorized as before in the game.


Big Daddy Brews: Tishana Merfolk

Welcome back, Big Daddy Brewers! The past couple of articles have been chalked full of new cards thanks to Ixalan, and this one will be too! Today we’re going to look at one of Magic’s oldest and most renown tribes in Merfolk. Tishana, Voice of Thunder is one Magic’s newest legendary Merfolk creatures, and I wanted to build a deck with her at the helm.

Real Life

In the Spotlight: Philo Game’s Mischief Media

Okay, you’ve heard the term, especially in this day and age: Fake News. But what exactly does that mean? Is that a buzzword used to illicit distrust in the media? Or is the media really pushing its agenda further by giving you a red herring to follow away from what’s actually going on? Well, the boys at Philos Games have turned this concept into a game of political deception. Ever wanted to flat out lie to your friends? This is your chance! Push your agenda by being a liar with pants that are on fire in this fast-paced game of social interaction and back-stabbery!


Boggsimus Builds: Sram (Updates)

One of my favorite Magic: the Gathering Commander decks that I have built would have to be my deck in which I have called Sram’s Garage. The deck is a mono-white deck but it ramps like a green deck, draws cards like a blue deck, and reanimates like a black deck.

Roleplaying Games

My Top 5 Favorite Pathfinder Books

I’ve been playing Pathfinder ever since it was released back in 2009 by Paizo Publishing. By the time I had got my hands on the Core Rulebook, I had been an avid 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons player, which is the rule system that Pathfinder is based off (thanks to Wizards of the Coast’s Open Gaming License). Over these past years, Paizo has released numerous books on its popular setting. Each book offers its own unique spin on the world of Golarion, which Pathfinder is set in.