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In The Spotlight: Zatcaskagoon Miniatures

Zatcaskagoon Miniatures caught my eye when I was scrolling through my feed on Facebook, which incidentally is the predominant way in which I find content. I was blown away by the intricacy and attention to detail that accompanied his miniature painting. I knew I had to reach out to Kendon and ask him if he wanted to have a spotlight on this site!

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Big Daddy Brews: Apostle Storm

So, last Big Daddy Brews we went over the mild additions that Hour of Devastation brought to my collection of decks. In that installment, we went over card choices and the logic behind them, but we did not explore any of the lists in depth. This week’s take is going to change that. I’m going to do an article for each of the four decks featured in the last article. Which, if you care to, you may read here. We’ll be starting off with Apostle Storm because it’s the unique of my four decks in that I took somebody else’s deck, made some revisions to it, and called it my own (kind of).

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Commander Kerfuffle: The Malady of Control

Too many times I have sat down for a game of Elder Dragon Highlander only to be met with the most grueling assortment of legendary creatures that my Local Gaming Store could amass, complete with strategies that are low to the ground and unrelentingly aggressive. As someone who prefers to play Control, regardless of format, I seem to be at a disadvantage. Control functions differently in Commander than it does in any other format for a variety of reasons. This article is a lamentation and analysis of how the Commander format favors creature based strategies and shuns alternate win conditions such as mill or a “win clause.”

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My Top 5: Terribad Magic Cards

love Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: the Gathering. I mean, I have multiple articles on it. I run Commander tournaments at my local game store. I have spent a lot of money building decks over the years.

With that being said, there are some cards out there that make me want to literally throw something. So here is my list of My Top 5: Terribad Cards in Magic.

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Boggsimus Builds: Marath’s Enchantments

I first picked up Marath’s Will of the Wild deck back when the 2013 Commander decks came out. When I first created the deck, I decided to only use cards from the official Wizards of the Coast Commander decks card pool. After playing with that version of the deck for about a year, I decided I wanted to actually construct a Marath deck with little limitations.

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What is Your Favorite Class in a Roleplaying Game?

There’s an array of different roleplaying games out there to choose from, especially since tabletop gaming is “in” right now. I will say, it is a good time to be a nerd! Because these games are getting in the spotlight more and more, we are starting to see diverse communities spring up around them.

So I pose this question to you: What is your favorite class in a roleplaying game?

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Big Daddy Brews: Hour of Devastation Changes

Y’all ready for that new ish? I am. Here’s what the deal is with the new new. After every new Commander set, you guys are going to get an update on what changes I make (if any) to my personal Commander decks. The lists you guys read every couple of weeks are not decks that I build in paper and play with my friends in my home. I build and test them online myself. I do, however, have four decks that I own in paper and play fairly regularly.

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Standard Deviation: Locust Mill

Mill as an archetype is rarely explored in anything beyond fringe Modern decks and the bravest (or possibly naive) Commander players. However, out the of the burning sands of Hour of Devastation rose to glory a handful of cards worthy enough to be the salvation that mill has needed for quite some time. The deck tech this Wednesday is a mill deck, to be sure. However, it is also a madhouse of control and tempo pieces strong enough to lock any player out of the game, begging for mercy.

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This Review: Dreamscape Laruna

I felt like a kid opening a long awaited Christmas gift when I picked up Dreamscape Laruna. When I scrolled through the pages, I felt like I had accomplished a great task. I am the only one I know to have the book around my area, so I felt like I was exploring unexplored territory. After all, this game was a brand spanking new system and clearly one that had a lot of talent behind it.

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Big Daddy Brews: Nicol Bolas

The Hour of Devastation is upon us! So, with that theme in mind, we’re going to dive right into this installment of Big Daddy Brews, Nicol Bolas! One of the original Elder Dragon Highlanders has returned as God-Pharaoh. I have very little to hype to build here as Wizards has done that for me so let’s dive into the list, shall we?

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Coffee and Dice: Character Classes

How do you go about creating a character? 

I start with the question: “how do I fit in this world I am about to play in?”

Initially, I place myself inside a blob of creativity and start fleshing out my background: “how was my character raised? what made my character so attracted to becoming a certain class?” Then I move on to what could have happened to them and how it dictates the future play style of my character.

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Standard Deviation: Wasted Aggro

One of the first times that I played in an FNM event, it was during New Phyrexia, the last set in the Scars of Mirrodin block. The deck to beat was Caw-Blade, an Esper, or sometimes just Azorius deck with creatures, equipment, planeswalkers, and the mother of all creatures, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. An Eldrazi, or an alien from the far reaches of existence known as “The Blind Eternities,” is a powerful being of hunger and destruction. The Eldrazi were defeated, but returned a short while ago with Battle for Zendikar, and was again the deck to beat for a couple months. Since then, Eldrazi has fallen off of the radar, however, I feel that even though we have mere months until they are rotated out, the Eldrazi are still a voracious threat from another world.

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Big Daddy Brews: U/G/X Energy

Hey there, True Believers, do you remember Aetherworks Marvel tearing through Standard? Do you remember when it was spinning into Emrakul before the ban and it moved on to Ulamog? And I’m sure that you remember the eventual ban of Aetherworks Marvel itself. Well, I have either some very good news or some very bad news depending on how much you like/hate the card. It’s the focus of today’s article, and it will be featured in not one, not two, but THREE decklists. All three decks will be U/G/x because that’s where the strongest support for energy comes from and all three will feature the Eldrazi titans to spin into because I feel that’s a defining quality of the archetype. I have imposed a deck building restriction on myself this time around: no tutors. Build an energy deck, but don’t build a way into it to find Marvel every single game. I love tutors, and I tend to rely on them a lot. I know that not everybody in the Commander community feels the same way, so this week we’re going it without them! Alright, let’s delve into the first list!