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Roleplaying Games

This Review: Rhune

Okay, so we’ve established that steampunk is something close to my heart. In addition to loving steampunk, I am a HUGE fan of Marvel’s Thor, which stemmed from my fondness of Norse mythology. Rhune takes steampunk and fuses it with Norse mythological flavoring, creating a new genre: Stormpunk. That’s right when you enter the realms of Rhune, you are playing in a setting of dwarves, aelves, giants, mechanical monstrosities, and gods!

Roleplaying Games

This Review: Treasure Hunter

Right away I was taken back to my days of sitting in the front of my old television playing games on my Nintendo. Eroth Productions had successfully created a game with the feeling of exploring dungeons in a classic Nintendo-like setting. The nostalgia was taking over, and I became overly excited to play the game; I could hear its dungeons beckoning me to enter.

Real Life

An Endeavor of Trials

All journeys must begin with taking first steps. I remember its inception clearly: I was sitting on the couch watching television after a long day at work. After awhile, the existential dread began to set in. I began to wonder what I was doing with my life. When people constantly would tell me, “why are you working here? You need to be doing art, design, music, writing, etc…”