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Standard Deviation: Wasted Aggro

One of the first times that I played in an FNM event, it was during New Phyrexia, the last set in the Scars of Mirrodin block. The deck to beat was Caw-Blade, an Esper, or sometimes just Azorius deck with creatures, equipment, planeswalkers, and the mother of all creatures, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. An Eldrazi, or an alien from the far reaches of existence known as “The Blind Eternities,” is a powerful being of hunger and destruction. The Eldrazi were defeated, but returned a short while ago with Battle for Zendikar, and was again the deck to beat for a couple months. Since then, Eldrazi has fallen off of the radar, however, I feel that even though we have mere months until they are rotated out, the Eldrazi are still a voracious threat from another world.

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Big Daddy Brews: U/G/X Energy

Hey there, True Believers, do you remember Aetherworks Marvel tearing through Standard? Do you remember when it was spinning into Emrakul before the ban and it moved on to Ulamog? And I’m sure that you remember the eventual ban of Aetherworks Marvel itself. Well, I have either some very good news or some very bad news depending on how much you like/hate the card. It’s the focus of today’s article, and it will be featured in not one, not two, but THREE decklists. All three decks will be U/G/x because that’s where the strongest support for energy comes from and all three will feature the Eldrazi titans to spin into because I feel that’s a defining quality of the archetype. I have imposed a deck building restriction on myself this time around: no tutors. Build an energy deck, but don’t build a way into it to find Marvel every single game. I love tutors, and I tend to rely on them a lot. I know that not everybody in the Commander community feels the same way, so this week we’re going it without them! Alright, let’s delve into the first list!

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Standard Deviation: Mardu Control

With the standard meta consisting of Temur energy, mono black zombies, and green/black delirium, there needs to be a force to stop this wave of aggro. That force is Mardu Control, the deck that I’ve been playing since Aether Revolt, and have had consistently strong results with. An intuitive hybrid between Midrange and Control, this standard menace comes packed with the best removal and finishers that the colors offer, guaranteed to leave your opponents in the dust.

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Boggsimus Builds: Sram’s Garage

There comes a time when you stumble upon a card and you realize that it is now your life’s goal to make a deck around that card. I kind of slacked when it came to Khaladesh spoilers, so when I found Sram I was blown away. I’ve created numerous mono-white decks and they have always felt like they were lacking something: card draw.

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This Review: Rhune

Okay, so we’ve established that steampunk is something close to my heart. In addition to loving steampunk, I am a HUGE fan of Marvel’s Thor, which stemmed from my fondness of Norse mythology. Rhune takes steampunk and fuses it with Norse mythological flavoring, creating a new genre: Stormpunk. That’s right when you enter the realms of Rhune, you are playing in a setting of dwarves, aelves, giants, mechanical monstrosities, and gods!

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Big Daddy Brews: Sultai MimeOoze

Alright, guys, we’re back this week with something a little out of my comfort zone: Sultai MimeOoze Typically my Commander decks are pretty powerful, but I would hesitate to call them “competitive.” I feel that I build Commander decks as strong as they can be without fitting that moniker. There’s usually some acknowledged flaw in them that I don’t attempt to fix, that kind of thing.

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This Review: Wrath of Kings

Cool Mini or Not’s Wrath of Kings is not only visually stimulating, it’s mentally stimulating. There is one word that encompasses everything Wrath of Kings represents: Intuitive. For those of you who are veterans of the tabletop wargames field, this game will seem familiar yet different in comparison to games you’ve played.

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Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in D&D

In my many years of playing roleplaying games, there have been recurring problems that have arose from players. I have found myself stressing the importance of what not to do in order to enhance what to do. And I think the approach of teaching people things based on personal experience is really helping to increase the enjoyment that people take away from gaming.

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Big Daddy Brews: Kozilock

Hey guys, last Big Daddy Brews I promised a budget deck. Budget can mean something a little different for everyone so here I’m specifically aiming to keep the deck at around $100 total. Every single card in the deck (at the time that I am writing this) is under $10.