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Boggsimus of Boggsimus Games. Photo by Niki of Songbird Photography

“Ryan Boggs may have a passion for tabletop gaming, but his core is about community. And for the past two decades, he has been finding ways to merge those two things. That was how Boggsimus games was formed. He wanted to find a way to bridge communities and relationships through gaming at the grassroots level. He volunteers at local libraries, teaching kids critical thinking through Dungeons and Dragons; he collaborates with local businesses to build relationships between tabletop consumers and those directly involved in the industry; he fuels the passions and inspirations of future generations of gamers. But his goals revolve less around the games themselves, and more so on the relationships that are cultivated because of them. Boggsimus Games is a community in which common passions create the long-lasting benefits of knowledge, connections, resources, inspiration, and support.”

-Elizabeth Stringer

It has been a passion of mine to bring joy to others. I am constantly told that I should be a comedian, in addition to the many other things that people tell me I should do for a living. Why can’t I just be me? Why do we feel like we have to specialize or focus on one thing? I gave my passion the keys and have been letting it drive ever since. And you know what, exploring my passions has gotten me further than when I was succumbing to the daily routine of life. Why not live proud and bold?

Brandon Dauer aka Big Daddy B: Contributor


“I’m a music aficionado first and foremost, but Magic: the Gathering and superheroes take a close second. Commander is my favorite format, followed by Pauper. Expression through deck construction may be my favorite part of the game and always remember: The best kind of fun is when your opponent isn’t having any.”
-Brandon Dauer

I remember the first time Brandon had me look through one of his Commander decks. I thought to myself as I was fanning through his cards, “Wow, this looks like a deck I would have built!” It’s not often I meet someone with a similar approach to deck building. We began meeting regularly to work on our decks and eventually nicknamed our sessions “The Commander Committee”.

Joshua Graham aka D20Nerd: Contributor


“Hi, my name is Josh, and I am a Gaming enthusiast and Anime lover. Since my childhood, I have known Ryan and have him to thank for opening my imagination to games such as Dungeons and Dragons and video games. Because of my love for most (if not all) Games, I have come to Boggsimus Games to work, play, and to help my friend who has helped me. Here at Boggsimus Games, I beta test new tabletop games, help with reviews and information on the game, including products made for the games like dice trays, dice, and much more.

I enjoy this company that Ryan, our man at the helm, has created and strive to not only continue our goals but to bring news of the latest and maybe never heard of tabletop games and more! We only wish that our viewers and visitors will have just as much if not more fun with new games and products as we have.”
– Joshua Graham

I’ve known Joshua for a long time. Seriously, my mother used to babysit him when he was very young. We grew up together and I look at him as my little brother. When we were growing up, we would often play different tabletop games, video games, and fight with sticks in the backyard. It made sense to ask him to assist me with Boggsimus Games because of his passion for gaming.

Joshua, like me, wears many different hats when it comes to Boggsimus Games: playtester, writer, assistant, event host, etc… He’s quickly become a valuable and trusted asset to this project!

Parker McDonald aka Constructed Pork


“I write articles detailing different role-playing modules, magic the gathering deck techs, and other miscellaneous topics. I have been interested in tabletop gaming and the like since middle school, and now that I am a college student, I am excited to be able to contribute all that I can to something that I am so passionate about!”
-Parker McDonald

Parker is one of those people who’s interests align with my own. I can talk with him about roleplaying games, Magic: the Gathering cards, and video games. And although we both can get rather salty with each other when playing Magic, he is still a welcomed site in a game.

I am glad to have him as a contributor to Boggsimus Games and I am excited to see where he goes in life! He has big ideas and I am sure he’s going to accomplish big things!

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Here is a list of the people who contributed to the launch of Boggsimus Games and helped support the start-up funding for the website:

Alexandria Woodrow (Adept)
Andrew Hopkins (NPC)
Jon Todd (Immortal Tier)
Jon Bennett (NPC)
Joshua Graham (Legend)
Kyle Fairburn (NPC)
Lance Pfiefer (NPC)
Matt Toskin (NPC)
Mike Kellerman (NPC)
Natalie Carter (NPC)
Nick Tyo (Legend)
Phillip Clayton aka “Ph33p” of Broken Arrow Studios (NPC)