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Coffee and Dice: Downtime in TRPGs

In a lot of campaigns both published and homebrewed, there comes a time in adventures that is free time to the players, perfect examples would be for D&D and Pathfinder. This is a time that players can get a look at your world and see the diverse cultures, people, and even events. It is commonly referred to as downtime. Downtime is a great tool to use for both the DM/GM and players. DM/GM’s can use this time to both show off the people of his created cities, the way the people see the players can be seen now as well. If they have just completed a long adventure that may have changed the need for guard’s presence is certain districts, or there is hallowed ground once again after extinguishing a curse that had been laid upon the land. It is also an effective way to foreshadow the next threat that is rising or can be used as a time for you to get the next story arc ready as your players start other activities not related to dungeon crawling or adventuring.

Roleplaying Games

Coffee and Dice: Character Classes

How do you go about creating a character? 

I start with the question: “how do I fit in this world I am about to play in?”

Initially, I place myself inside a blob of creativity and start fleshing out my background: “how was my character raised? what made my character so attracted to becoming a certain class?” Then I move on to what could have happened to them and how it dictates the future play style of my character.