Big Daddy Brews: Ghalta Dredge

Hey there, Big Daddy Brewers! There’s been a pretty significant event since our last meeting. All of Rivals of Ixalan has been spoiled! So, of course that means we have an entire new set to brew and brainstorm with. The card we’re building around today has been spoiled for awhile, but I wanted to wait for the entire set to be spoiled before writing about it in case there were some other cards in the new set that would be strong inclusions. Including the Commander, today’s deck features three Rivals of Ixalan cards, which isn’t a lot, but one of them is the Commander, and that’s a kind of a big deal. So, here we go, I present to you all: Ghalta Dredge!


Coffee and Dice: Power Player or Roleplayer?

In this article, I’ll be sharing my knowledge of the difference between a power player and a roleplayer. These two gamers are always at the gaming table in almost any tabletop RPG group. Most likely you are one of them or close in between which is a good spot to be in my opinion.

Big Daddy Brews: Selvala Enchantress

Hey there Big Daddy Brewers! This week’s deck features the color of magic that I typically avoid: White. I don’t build/play a lot of White decks. It’s easily my least favorite of the five colors. One of my favorite things that White does well, however, is care about enchantments. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that this week’s deck is an Enchantress deck! There are a few different ways that you can take enchantments in Commander, everything from Zur Combo to Oloro Prison to our choice here today: Selvala Enchantress.