In the Spotlight: Noah Kirk


Introduction: Reflections on Boggsimus Games, Moving Forward, and Noah Kirk.

I have often contemplated how my website could benefit the community as a whole. Sure, we put out some articles based on things that we find interesting in the tabletop gaming world, notably with Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Pathfinder. It became more and more evident to me that this website is an outlet for others who are doing awesome things but need a broader platform on which to showcase their work. I mean, not everyone has a website, and why would they? It takes quite a bit of work to set one up, to maintain, and to try to get traffic to it. To be quite honest, it seems like websites, in this day and age, are supplemental to social media. Look at all of the click-bait style websites that have sprung forth these past few years. These sites try to lure people in so they can click through a list. Not here. I want my platform to be something that I can be proud of.

There are people who come to this site to get ideas for their own Magic decks, to see what ideas we have for roleplaying, and to see who got the Spotlight this go around. And to me, that is a good feeling – there are people who are getting their ideas and innovations through this site. And that is ultimately what I set out to do, I just didn’t know how to hone in on it.

You may be asking yourself “Boggsimus, why the long introduction of a Spotlight article?” Well, I wanted to let all of you know that Boggsimus Games is a home for people who want that sense of local community with their gaming. This world seems to keep growing and with that, there seems to be a larger disconnect between people. I want you all to know that you always have a home here at Boggsimus Games. I want to showcase the Magic decks that you’re proud of, the artwork that you’ve created for your tabletop games, the articles that you have written about a topic that you thought of!

And this brings me to Noah Kirk, the man who I am putting in the Spotlight this week. Noah approached me during a time where I was unsure of what I was going to do with Boggsimus Games. Here I was, having an existential crisis about my whole endeavor. And when he asked me what I thought about giving him some time in the Spotlight, I realized that I was onto something. And although there are still some optimizations here and there that will need to be fixed, I am going to move forward with Boggsimus Games as a community effort.

So without further adeau, here is some of Noah’s artwork, a Q&A, and links to his artist profiles:

Noah is creating a diverse world full of powerful gods and incredible monsters who walk amongst men. And although the setting is heavily influenced by fantasy, it has science fiction at its roots. If you’re looking for a dark and ominous world full of new things to explore, then keep an eye out for what Noah puts out!


Noah Kirk


Q&A with Noah Kirk

I’ve known Noah for a few years as he frequents a local game store that I often visit and game at. I can see the drive and determination in his eyes and I know that if he keeps at it, he’s going to accomplish great things! Here is a little Q&A that I threw together so all of you can get to know Noah a bit more!

1. How long have you been creating art?

A. I have been drawing for as long as I could hold a pencil in my hand. Middle school was when I really got into making complete works.

2. What are some of your favorite artists that you get inspiration from?

A. Two of my favorite artists are Matt Frank and Robert Elrod. I’m a big fan of Matt, who does a lot of the artwork for Godzilla comics. He’s got an interesting style and he often likes to show the process of his art. Robert has a style that is more like mine (grayscale). I’ve also reached out to him several times for advice and he’s always willing to respond.

3. Tell us a little about the setting that you’re creating art for.

A. The setting I am making most of my art for is a custom created universe that I’ve been creating from scratch. I’ve created dozens of Gods and deity level entities as well as defined their roles. It’s almost Victorian era adding in the concept of magic helping create some forms of technology. The world is both wondrous and dangerous with beautiful cities and terrifying creatures. I even wrote a reason as to how Dinosaurs came to be (I’ve loved dinosaurs since childhood and I really wanted them in there).

4. What brought you into the realm of tabletop gaming?

A. To put it simply, college. Before I got to into college, I can’t really say I knew much about things like Dungeons & Dragons. Shortly after starting classes and became social, several others and I formed a nerd group and they introduced me to the role playing game.

5. If you can give one piece of advice to people new to drawing, what would it be?

A. The simplest thing I can tell anyone when it comes to drawing is to never say your bad at drawing. There is no such thing, you’re unpracticed. It’s a skill that is always able to be improved. Just keep practicing and it’ll come to you.

You can find more from Noah on his Deviant Art page:
And on his Facebook page:

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