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Month: December 2017


Boggsimus Builds: Meren’s Party

A few weeks back, a friend of mine reached out to me for some help with his Meren deck. As I was providing assistance to him, I realized that I wanted to build a Meren deck for myself. I was going to take a different route than him, however, since I tweaked his to be drastically themed with the Dredge mechanic. I should probably run the same mechanic, but for now, here is what I built:


Big Daddy Brews: Mono Mana Maga

Hello again, Big Daddy Brewers! Today the goal is to go big. The deck is all about ramping and doubling your mana. Which, of course, means it’s playing Green Black. There’s not a lot more to introduce about it this week, so let’s dive into the tongue-twisting alliteration that is Mono Mana Maga.


Big Daddy Brews: Sultai Seasons Past

Welcome back to another installation of Big Daddy Brews. This week’s focus is not on a particular Commander but instead a particular card. This week we are building around Standard’s short-lived former all-star Seasons Past. Seasons Past far exceeded my expectations in Standard, and the same holds true in Commander.