When Paizo first announced Starfinder a few years back, I became very, very excited. I love Science Fiction and I love Fantasy, so the thought of having both melded together made me scream like a little girl. I had been following the different spoilers that Paizo was slowly releasing on Starfinder over the months and getting myself very pumped up for its release. To be honest, it was almost agonizing waiting on it to release.

I am also very fond of watching movies; I have seen a lot of movies over the years, which is both very sad and very awesome! I had the chance to go see a movie by Luc Besson, who directed The Fifth Element, called Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Keep in mind, this is before Starfinder was officially released.


As I was sitting there watching this movie, I realized more and more that I was watching a visualization of Starfinder. While the movie is in no way tied with the game system, it had the colorfulness, technology, and intrigue of a Starfinder game. I honestly do not understand why people didn’t like the movie that much. I thought it was ridiculously fun and I was very entertained by it. Plus, its visuals are out of this world (haha).

Starfinder is filled with a slew of humanoid races all patrolling their solar system and entangling with one-another. You think life is complicated here on Earth, imagine it spread out across the span of billions of miles. Now mix some magic in with it and you have a slight grasp of the Starfinder universe.


If you have a Starfinder book, do yourself a favor and flip through its pages while you watch Valerian. I’m dead serious, the whole time I was watching Valerian I thought of it as a visual portrayal of someone’s Starfinder campaign! What’s interesting to think about is the fact that Valerian primarily takes place in the City of a Thousand Planets named Alpha, but there’s a whole universe in the story that is populated with different races, creatures, technology, and lore. You could easily incorporate it’s locations into your Starfinder game.

Imagine, the party begins in the City of a Thousand planets. They start off doing odd-jobs to makes some coin to purchase a vessel. Since the City has a lot of different zones and habitats, going from one section to another would be like going to another world. If you really wanted to, the whole campaign could take place in the City and the players wouldn’t get “area fatigue”.


Check out Starfinder and Valerian. Be prepared, you’re in for a real treat!

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