Okay, you’ve heard the term, especially in this day and age: Fake News. But what exactly does that mean? Is that a buzzword used to illicit distrust in the media? Or is the media really pushing its agenda further by giving you a red herring to follow away from what’s actually going on? Well, the boys at Philos Games have turned this concept into a game of political deception. Ever wanted to flat out lie to your friends? This is your chance! Push your agenda by being a liar with pants that are on fire in this fast-paced game of social interaction and back-stabbery!

In Mischief Media, you’ll encounter politicians, judges, lobbyists, anchors, activists, and journalists on your way to spread your misinformation. These cards each have their own abilities that push your agenda forward. But beware, your opponents are doing the same and will try to thwart your efforts with their own corruption!

Mischief Media is a fast-paced game that will involve some strategy to overcome the obstacles your opponents have for you. One thing that really stands out to me is the ability to call people out for lying – something I wish more people in real life would do! If you suspect one of your opponents is lying about one of their actions, you shout out “Fake News” and issue a challenge to them. If they are caught lying, they’ll take a penalty. However, if you called them out and they ended up being truthful (that time), you will take a penalty. If you are a very untrusting person, you’ll probably end up losing a lot of points. Just saying.

Q&A with Dominick of Philos Games

I had the pleasure of working with Dominick for a short time. When he told me that he was developing his own tabletop game, I thought “what are the chances”. I mean, I have an entire website based around tabletop gaming! This was the point where I knew I was going to have to do a Spotlight article on Philos Games and their upcoming game Mischief Media!

Q: What were you doing before you started working on games?

A: I was going to school, majoring in psychology, and working a full-time job at Walmart Warehouse. Kevin was finishing up school, majoring in philosophy, and freelancing for movies and commercials.

Q: What inspired Philos Games?

A: We both love board games! They allow people to come together and have a good time. It doesn’t get much better than that. That’s why we decided that we wanted to make games that we would want to play. We chose Philos games as our name because Philos is the second part of Plato’s tripartite of the soul. Philos is the intellect and we wanted to make games that got people thinking.

Q: How long have you been working on Mischief Media?

A: We have been working on Mischief Media for the past nine months. It has been a lot of work but so much fun! Seeing an idea turn into an actual thing was so satisfying. The moment we opened our official prototype, we were speechless. We were like parents with a newborn. Well at least Kevin kept screaming “LOOK AT OUR BABY” to random people walking down the street.

Q: What plans do you have for games in the future?

A: We haven’t been putting too much thought into our future games yet because we are trying to put everything we have to the success of this one. Our favorite games are social deduction so we do have a couple of unique ideas we would like to try out in that genre. We also a have crazy idea for a board game far in the future if we are able to make several successful games first but we will have to wait and develop the idea further.

Q: Why did we chose the theme of fake news?

A: When the political climate drastically changed, we were inspired to be a part of the conversation. We saw a board game as a great way to achieve that. We chose the theme of journalism and fake news because we see it as a field that has an impact on everyone, even those who do not follow politics. The information we are told as individuals helps us make informed decisions on how to move forward with our lives and as a community. Having a game that puts the player as the person manipulating the news gives the player a new perspective, different from the normal perspective most of us have as just viewers. We hope that this new perspective will help people think about how someone might try manipulate their own view, making them more impervious to all manipulation. More importantly, we think our game is a fun way to bring people together and start conversations. We feel that union is invaluable at times like this.

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: Thank you for having us! We hope people enjoy Mischief Media as much as we do!

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They are taking this game to Kickstarter soon and this is something you do not want to miss out on! Here are all of the links to Mischief Media so you can follow their progress and snap a copy when it hits Kickstarter!

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