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Month: November 2017


Big Daddy Brews: Seton Combo

Sol Ring, Ubiquitous Commander all star. If you’re not playing Sol Ring in your Commander deck then you’re generally putting yourself at a disadvantage before the game even starts because you can almost guarantee that every other deck at the table has included the one mana artifact. So this week’s deck building inspiration? Build a deck that can justify omitting Sol Ring.


Boggsimus Builds: Dinos!

I think it’s an innate thing instilled into every little boy to have a fondness for dinosaurs. You know what? My love for dinos has not gone away! I am so happy that they have been brought into Magic and not as Beasts and Lizards, which they were categorized as before in the game.


Big Daddy Brews: Tishana Merfolk

Welcome back, Big Daddy Brewers! The past couple of articles have been chalked full of new cards thanks to Ixalan, and this one will be too! Today we’re going to look at one of Magic’s oldest and most renown tribes in Merfolk. Tishana, Voice of Thunder is one Magic’s newest legendary Merfolk creatures, and I wanted to build a deck with her at the helm.

Real Life

In the Spotlight: Philo Game’s Mischief Media

Okay, you’ve heard the term, especially in this day and age: Fake News. But what exactly does that mean? Is that a buzzword used to illicit distrust in the media? Or is the media really pushing its agenda further by giving you a red herring to follow away from what’s actually going on? Well, the boys at Philos Games have turned this concept into a game of political deception. Ever wanted to flat out lie to your friends? This is your chance! Push your agenda by being a liar with pants that are on fire in this fast-paced game of social interaction and back-stabbery!