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One of my favorite Magic: the Gathering Commander decks that I have built would have to be my deck in which I have called Sram’s Garage. The deck is a mono-white deck but it ramps like a green deck, draws cards like a blue deck, and reanimates like a black deck. I know, it sounds a little too good to be true, but the deck is based around what mono-white was lacking: card draw. Sram was the answer. And because he draws cards so well, he allows me to establish an early board presence thanks to cheap equipment fueled by mana rocks.

But not every deck is perfect. There are often sets that will come out that have something that is WAY better for the deck than something currently in it. Now Sram is a tinkerer. He likes to get away from his family at times to have some him time. And that time is spent creating fatastical vehicles and weapons in his garage that has been turned into a workshop.

Before I delve into the changes, if you need to brush up on the original list and article, you can do so here: Boggsimus Builds: Sram’s Garage


Sram has been tinkering in his garage. He’s been obsessing over getting everything perfected. There are some things that he’s created that he hasn’t been too impressed with. So, in typical dwarf fashion, he’s put those scraps of metal into the smelter and began creating more powerful creations!


The Daredevil Dragster was a decent vehicle in the deck. It provided me to draw a card off Sram and it netted me some cards once it got its velocity counters and died, which was then left to be recurred with Sun Titan. However, it was mediocre synergy based on what was available at the time for the deck. When I have a vehicle in the deck, it needs to provide as much power as an equipment would. Daredevil Dragster stopped doing that.


Conqueror’s Galleon, while it can be slow, provides so much more for what the deck wants to do: draw cards and recur things. It can be a huge damage absorber in the early rounds and transform into a utility land that makes me scream for joy. And since the deck ramps so hard, the mana costs of Conqueror’s Foothold abilities do not even phase me to activate.


Since the deck is mostly a voltron-style equipment deck it looks for certain criteria when it comes to an equipment: What benefit is this going to provide me? Does this equipment protect my creature, buff my creature, or interact with other cards synergistically? I like to have an equipment provide two out of the three, which is why the swords are so great in the deck; they buff, protect, and interact. Hammer of Nazahn provides both a buff and protection to the equipped creature. But it also goes beyond that. The hammer also allows equipments to attach to creatures when they enter the battlefield, which is something the deck wants (see Puresteel Paladin and Sigarda’s Aid).

There has also been a though lingering in the back of my mind. Since I like to make toolbox decks that often have silverbullets in them, I thought it would be advantageous to put in Assault Suit to prevent a sacrificial forcing heavy deck from keeping my field clear. While the deck is pretty potent, a well placed “target opponent/each player sacrifices a creature” effect could leave me falling behind, leaving myself wide open. I know, it may seem a bit corner-case to anticipate such scenarios, but those things keep me up at night; the possibility that something I overlooked could completely wreck my game.

That’s it for now. I am working on a Gishath deck, which is pretty interesting so far. But I will delve into that soon. Stay tuned!

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