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Month: September 2017


Boggsimus Builds: Ayli’s Sacrifices

I’ve built many different decks over the years, that’s for sure. But I always seem to come back to the white and black color combination. There’s something about it that really appeals to my style as a Magic player: synergy, which is something I often talk about in these articles.


Big Daddy Brews: Feldon of the Third Path

Alright, people, we’re here this week with Feldon of the Third Path. So, my personal take on the deck is to focus more on artifact synergy and attrition than to build around Feldon’s activated ability. That’s not to say that we’re ignoring our Commander completely, of course. Feldon is the Commander of the deck for a reason, but he feels like an equal part of the 99 as opposed to the focal cog that drives the machine. Let’s take a look at the list and I’ll show you what I mean…


Commander Kerfuffle: The Triumph of Aggro

In constructed formats, aggro is always a top competing archetype. It’s simple, offensive, and most importantly it’s fast. An aggro deck is meant to wallop a midrange or control strategy before they have time to set up or respond with removal. The Aggro player is the independent variable in the binary of constructed; they act first and the opponent then responds accordingly, making them the dependent variable. This being said, Aggro can be one of the hardest archetypes to adapt into Commander, because one mana two/ones don’t do anything in commander.


Big Daddy Brew: Mono-Blue Omniscience

Annnnnnd we’re back! Last time I promised you guys that I would continue to give you a look at each of the decks that I personally own and will be covering in my “Changes” article each new set. This week’s deck is Mono-Blue Omniscience, led by Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir. I chose to build around Omniscience for a few very specific reasons: