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Zatcaskagoon Miniatures caught my eye when I was scrolling through my feed on Facebook, which incidentally is the predominant way in which I find content. I was blown away by the intricacy and attention to detail that accompanied his miniature painting. I knew I had to reach out to Kendon and ask him if he wanted to have a spotlight on this site!

Anyone can paint a miniature. But it takes patience, precision, and creativity to break the bonds and to make something truly great.  Kendon of Zatcaskagoon Miniatures is able to make his work look like it’s alive and in motion, which is not an easy feat to accomplish. Since a lot of wargames are gritty, their miniatures reflect the distress of the worlds they take place in. There are rust, battle wounds, pulsing energy, disease, etc… and Kendon emulates this to perfection in his approach.

There was a short period where I thought about painting all of my minis. But when it came down to it, I realized there was so much more to it than just painting. I had to learn the different techniques of the effects I wanted to accomplish, know what paints were good for certain looks, and when to apply those different paints. What I thought would simply take an hour or two ended up taking several hours. There’s a lot of planning that goes into painting a miniature. When I see other people’s work, such as Kendon’s, I am shocked about how much time was poured into them.


In the spirit of what I do with these In The Spotlights, I thought it would be nice to ask Kendon some questions that I am sure will run through everyone’s head as they read through this and browse his work. It’s always interesting when I find someone who has the same drive and passion as myself! Just by looking at Kendon’s endeavors, I can tell that he is very driven to make a name for himself and Zatcaskagoon Miniatures!


1533727_664531673599638_121785156_n Q: What inspired you to start painting miniatures?
“I’ve dabbled a bit in painting miniatures since the age of 14. Back then I was playing with and painting Reaper Miniatures and later tried out Wizards of the Coast’s “Chainmail”. I’ve always been huge fan of D&D and so I’ve been building terrain and dungeons and putting paint on pewter for as long as i can remember. However this never really translated into a serious love for the hobby until just a few years ago. I was an ASM at Gamestop and one day the phone rang, on the other was a staffing agent that found one of our employee’s info on Linkedin. The guy she was inquiring about wasn’t there but I was intrigued so her and I talked for a bit and turns out she was looking for some one to apply for a Store Manager position at Games Workshop. At the time I had of course heard about Warhammer and played some of the PC games but really didn’t know too much about the table top version or the immense community behind it. Everything she was telling about the job: working with miniatures, painting, building and building terrain was super interesting to me, since that was what i grew up on, so I figured I would look more into it.
There was a comic shop down the street from where I worked so one day I decided to go have a look and ended up picking up Dark Vengeance limited edition. I was really interested in this position at Games Workshop so I tried my best to absorb as much about the product and the company as I could before I went and started the interview process.  So before then and in between when the interviews started happening my brother and I were playing games with the Dark Vengeance set and having a blast doing so. In the end I didn’t get the job at Games Workshop, so I worked hard and got promoted into my own store at Gamestop and I kept painting miniatures. Eventually I started selling off painted miniatures on eBay; one thing led to another, I quit GameStop, freaked out my wife, mother of my two children, took a calculated risk  and started ruthlessly attacking the eBay market when Admech released. Now here I am, Owner of a professional miniature Studio in Atlanta.”

Q: How long have you been painting miniatures and how long did it take you to develop your techniques?
“I’ve been painting miniatures since right before the Admech line was introduced not sure how long that was maybe 2 1/2 years? So immediately upon deciding to paint miniatures I hit the google machine and did research for hours and hours on a daily basis, I had a lot of responsibility so I had to figure this out very quickly. I watched every tutorial I think you tube had to offer, went to sleep to tutorials and woke up to them and applied what I was learning in my work. Once I found stability and a standard that was keeping the lights on I began to develop my own style and techniques, even today I am constantly trying to find new ways to do things. I’ll develop a standard that works with the products I’ve decided to make mainstays in my arsenal and once those are solid and condensed into the most efficient application process that I can come up with I’ll add some different products into my kit and begin developing techniques around those. So, for me, the process of developing techniques is a never ending journey, it keeps things fresh. The road to discovery is always the most exciting part about what I do.”

Q: What are your plans with Zatcaskagoon Miniatures?
“Zatcaskagoon Miniatures I hope, in the future, will be a learning tool at the disposal of the community. I really get excited to explore and teach my findings to other folks. So my studio’s focus will be helping those that are eager to learn and hopefully strengthening the community.”

Q: Do you have any tips for people who are just starting out with painting minis?
“Yes! Do your research! There is a wealth of knowledge out there that people are happy to share with you. Don’t go at it alone because you you don’t have to.”

Q: What’s your favorite army in Warhammer 40k?
“Dark Eldar”

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