When it comes to getting your product out there, you have to develop an engaging marketing strategy and run a campaign around this concept. These days, that usually means hitting social media with some sponsored ads to engage a larger audience. If you do this, you better have content that catches people’s attentions and pulls them in. Coincidentally, people are becoming conditioned to overlook ad content. We’ve had years of searching the internet and having pop-up ads and scrolling ads pushed onto us so naturally we have trained ourselves to overlook ad content. This means that when you decide to enter the realm of marketing, your product better be top notch.

So why the lesson in marketing? I want you all to know how I found Dreamscape Laruna. It all started when I was scrolling through my Facebook wall and discovered a sponsored post. ODAM Publishing has released a picture of the different races that could be found in their new game: Dreamscape Laruna. The art direction was phenomenal and their new races were not comprised of the typical elf, half-orc, gnome, etc, which these days can be tiring because of how standardized they’ve become. What I was looking at was a different approach at an entirely new setting, which was refreshing.

Right away, I was hooked. I needed to find out more on this game and to see more of its imagery! Luckily, their marketing campaign was aggressive with content, so there were no gaps in time without something fresh to look at. It was obvious they had put a lot of thought and time into their strategy and I applaud them for that. Sometimes you’ve got to break the barrier of the social bubble that the social media algorithms have placed before us and to do that, you need a hefty approach.

Since I have Amazon Prime, which I do say is probably one of my favorite things, I decided to order the book so I could finally have it in my hands. I had been looking at Facebook posts about the setting for months, but never got around to picking it up. Sometimes life moves a little too fast. And just as fast as life goes, I received my book, thanks to Prime’s two day shipping!


Impressions of Dreamscape Laruna

I felt like a kid opening a long awaited Christmas gift when I picked up Dreamscape Laruna. When I scrolled through the pages, I felt like I had accomplished a great task. I am the only one I know to have the book around my area, so I felt like I was exploring unexplored territory. After all, this game was a brand spanking new system and clearly one that had a lot of talent behind it.

Right away, while skimming through the pages of Dreamscape Laruna, I noticed it looked a lot like a guide to a video game. This has a lot to do with the new system ODAM had created, which was reminiscent of classic roleplaying video games. A lot of the abilities, attributes, and stats reminded me of something that could be found in an old school Playstation game. And since I am a huge gamer, this excited me. I have played a lot of tabletop gaming systems, but the ones that play like nostalgic video games have a special place in my heart. I have recently played one other game that played like a classic Nintendo game and that was Eroth Productions’ Treasure Hunter, which I also did a review on.

I am also taken back to the days where you would choose a video game based on its cover and its artwork on the back. I remember picking out NES games in the store solely on how well the design on the box was set up. Dreamscape Laruna is visually appealing, which really helps set up a tone for its setting. The art direction is very unique. And although the world of Laruna is in peril, it still can be a vibrant and awe-inspiring place. When you are an adventuring party questing in its world, you feel powerful and mighty.

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What You’ll Need to Play

Dreamscape Laruna is a tabletop roleplaying game based around using d10s, so of course you’re going to need some of those. In addition, you’ll need a character sheet, which can be downloaded from ODAM’s website or scanned from the back of the book. And because this is a tabletop roleplaying game, you’ll need a writing utensil, preferably a pencil, because you’ll need to be able to erase certain things. And you will most definitely need a copy of the Dreamscape Laruna book, which can be purchased on ODAM’s site as a digital download, physical copy, or the digital and physical bundle deal. This is one book you’ll most definitely want in your collection!


The races in Dreamscape Laruna: Descendant, Human, Garaith, Ashik, Mesmulot

Playing Dreamscape Laruna

The world of Dreamscape Laruna is so fleshed out and vivid that it’s easy to envision your character upon creation. The interesting thing about the system is how much customization there is when choosing a race, a background, and a Legacy, which serves as the system’s classes. Just skimming through each section before creation will surely give you many different ideas for what kind of character you want to play and how to play them successfully in the world.

When it comes to roleplaying a character, the more material on the world, the better. This allows the player to have access to the pertinent information necessary to fulfill their desired role. And because this information is found in the sourcebook, it’s easier on the Dreamweaver (the Game Master) to have smoothly flowing sessions since the information is accessible to the players in their own copies of the books. And coming from someone who is predominately a GM, this is a huge step forward in the gaming world.

The layout of the book allows the players to create their characters by going from one step of the process to the next, which allows for a nice flowing creation session. There are sure to be a lot of questions, which is associated with learning a new system, but the rules are so straight forward that a lot of questions will work themselves out by following each section of the character creation process. And like I stated before, Dreamscape Laruna’s system is so reminiscent of a videogame that things easily fall into place.

In the setting, your characters wield powerful arcana and battle creatures known as Kreesh, which are powerful beings full of energy and power. There are different Legacies that you can take, which affect how your character chooses to live and interact in the world. If you have ever played the video game Fable, you know what it’s like to choose a path in the world, whether good or evil, and accomplish your tasks. And let me tell you, each Legacy is so unique and powerful that you cannot wait to unleash your character upon Laruna.

The Kreesh have such an incredible range to their size and power that you can go from fighting in a battle where you’re taking out hordes of enemies like in Dynasty Warriors to fighting massive powerful creatures like in Shadow of Colossus.

Seriously, this game’s approach is like no other that I have ever seen. The abilities within its pages are so unique and powerful that you’ll want to chuck spells like Tim the Wizard in Monte Python and the Holy Grail when you are first introduced to his character. And let’s be honest, if you could sling fireballs, you’d be slinging them around all day. “If you got it, flaunt it.” Eh?

The world of Laruna is in peril. The Kreesh hunger for more power and because of this, they’ll seek out Legacy Bearers and try to consume them. There are times where the party is on a quest and a Kreesh will blast its way through the walls of the town because it caught the scent of your party’s power. And because Kreesh and Legacy Bearers are so powerful, there is often devastation in the wake of these battles.

The epicness of the game is almost too much for words! Not only are you able to play some interesting races, backgrounds, and Legacies, you are able to modify your spells and abilities based on the results of your dice. That’s right, if you roll extremely well, your spells and abilities will have a more powerful effect! And trust me, when you release a fully powered spell, it alters the fate of the battle greatly! For example, the Lightbringer has a Legacy power called Daybreak. If you are able to pull off a maximum Daybreak, your party is healed to full Health and Stamina and all dead allies are brought back to life at full health and stamina. That is ridiculously powerful! Granted, it’s relatively difficult to achieve, but doing so can change the tide of the battle heavily in your favor!

Although I have used a lot of comparisons in this review, I assure you that Dreamscape Laruna is going to be a bold and new experience for you! I do recommend the Dreamweaver familiarize with the material so the tone of the setting is fully present during the sessions. There’s enough in the book to allow for epic gaming!

ODAM Publishing was also awesome enough to provide a free download of their supplement to Dreamscape Laruna called Creatures, Corruption, and Kreesh, which can be found on ODAM’s website. This 90+ page supplement contains over 50 monsters, each with their own incredible artwork! If you’re planning on playing the role of Dreamweaver,  I highly recommend downloading this supplement, not just because it’s free, but because it has so much to offer your game. Plus, you’ll want some nasties for your group to fight!


We’ve all been playing d20 based games for a long time now. Sometimes you have to seek out new things to break the monotony. Now I am not saying that I am getting tired of d20 based games, not at all. I am just saying that sometimes it’s nice to have a change of pace. And for those who are seeking this change of pace, Dreamscape Laruna is what the doctor ordered!

If you are one of those seekers of epicness and want to play a full powered game where your character is a major factor in the world, then this is the game for you! I assure you, this game will make you feel the power and impact your character has on the world around them!

And if you are worried about learning a new game, this one isn’t difficult to pick up. The book’s layout makes character creation a breeze, the setting allows deeper immersion into the roleplay, and the new rules allow for fast pace in your face combat! Seriously, do yourselves a favor and pick up a copy of Dreamscape Laruna today! You will not regret it!

Happy gaming! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Do you have an idea for a game you’d like me to review? Contact me through my social media and let me know!


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