What inspires your imagination for your campaign, characters, or story? Is it from a character within the chapters of your favorite book or series? Is it a character from a movie, a young noble trying to find his morals and lost heritage? Are they from a tribe that was wild and you see a city for the first time and fell in love with it? Or did you follow your tribesmen and did as they did? Is your story filled with Lore, backgrounds, and characters with their value on superstition or devotion? Well, what inspired that build? In my years of D&D and Pathfinder and much more roleplaying games, I always had to find inspiration to develop either a character for a campaign or my homebrewed world. Most of us need the inspiration to make something out of a blank sheet or map. My question for this is what helps you the most? Most of us remember movies or shows such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, the Game Of Thrones, or even streamed campaigns of other players just playing the game.

A lot of players and DM/GM get inspiration from artwork and images from books, websites. Probably for myself I think of the character I’m creating and type in their race, class, and maybe some extra bits to narrow the search. An example of mine, I was trying to find inspiration for a Life cleric of a deity I still haven’t chosen completely. So, I typed up his race and class into the most simple and useful tool of Google Images. The results were good, but not complete. After a few minutes of scrolling, I added a god’s name and I found the perfect photo. From this photo, the elf was young but devoted and was in prayer in plate mail. He had a gold metal band around his head with a spiritual Dragon moving about his shoulders as if it was a symbol of his deity of listening to his prayer or showing their faith in the young warrior. From this, I had his age, physical features with a little more added to make the character my own in the game. I found his Deity and noted that he is highly devoted and follows his faith to the letter.

Another example, For my good friend’s homebrew game. He set up an amazing world of steampunk fantasy. Now my knowledge of steampunk is very small…Why not build a character of that nature… So, I did. I created Drake Draking, A Half-Elven, Half- Dragon. I made his background like what happened to my homebrew worlds collapse. Being from that material plane, he had no knowledge of this highly developed engineering world. He was created to end the inevitable collapse of my world called Gaia. But his creator failed and to save his creations through him and one other to other material planes. So, I took in more images of artwork of Pathfinder half-dragons and made Drake how I see fit his personality and culture. I found a near perfect drawing of what he would look like. Granted trying to find a picture to represent your character is hard because well it’s not your creation. So as a side note always try to tell your fellow players of who’s art your using, if you stream your games or want to publish its creation be sure to get permission to do so, leave their name on their creation and if they wish for purchase do it they worked on it you didn’t. They may be willing to produce more artwork for you if you are mannered and polite and not abuse their creations and use them without permission. Back to the point, using this photo as an inspiration, I could list out his physical appearance a little easier and my knowledge of how Dragons are and the half-Elves I had all I needed to make his personality and practically given my character a soul.

We all get inspiration in different ways and fashions. Most new players remember Current or best seller movies or shows. The more veteran players get them in more detailed ways like from past campaigns, an NPC the DM/GM had that was amazing and they wanted to create that but with their own twist and value. The best thing to remember this is YOUR character. You can make them look however you like, their fighting style, the way they use magic or might. Do they go after power and glory? Or are they a beacon of hope, an inspiration to other characters (or to players as well.)

So please leave comments or message us on how you get your Inspiration to create your world, your characters, your story.

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