Coffee and Dice Gaming with Strangers

Gaming with strangers can be a scary thing. When I had the need to play Dungeons and dragons, and none of my friends were available, I made a bold move and gone into a local shop to try and find a group. Well as luck had it there was a group starting a game and needed one more player to fill in a slot. The DM was blown away by how a stranger just walked inside and wanted to game. Apparently, it doesn’t happen too often, and he had a post-up for the group in the shop asking for players.
Well, my first thoughts were, “Is this even going to be worth it?” I asked myself this because I am very comfortable with my current group and never attempted to game outside of it. But the struggle was too real for me not playing. So, I took a chance and sat down with them. We introduced ourselves, they gave me a character sheet, I bought dice, and we began.

It was a fun experience. Granted taken me a minute to start role play and get into character but I was eased by not even thinking of it and acted as I would with my original group. The only thing I didn’t like was how fast the DM moved in story and dialogue. I’m a kind of player that enjoys the story unfolding and feeling the full effect of what my character is going through. This DM seemed more combat oriented. Which is fine if that’s what you enjoy, but my point of this is even the shyest of people can go to their local shops and find a group. It will be scary, and you will be nervous, just think of how much fun you are going to have soon revisiting the Sword Coast after a long time. I urge for more DM’s to go out and start a new game for the huge number of players that are out there. It may take time and effort but who knows, you may be the next DM who is blown away by a stranger walking through the door and wants to play.

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