Creating a Monster Scrap Golem

Golems are iconic creatures in fantasy settings. They are often created as protectors that accompany magi on their journeys. There are some that want a formidable foe for their opponents to face, so they create sentient killing machines to do their bidding. I wanted to focus on a golem that is created from a resonation of energy and willpower. Something that is very unique and powerful but within the realm of reason.

Going into this design, I knew that the scrap golem would be incarnated pieces of metallic junk. I also thought it would be awesome if no two scrap golems looked the same. And to accompany this thought, I wanted to have different Scrap Golems based on what they are made of and their configurations.

Junk Golem
“Scrap Golem, Mauler” by Boggsimus

I wanted a scrap golem that could move around with enhanced speed due to its hydraulics. It would be hilarious for a group to encounter this thing and thing that it’s going to be a slow-moving amalgamation only to find that it is very quick and deadly.

Not only can it move fast, but it is capable of leaping into the air to perform a powerful attack that can cause a good amount of damage if they party is not ready for it.


Scrap Golem Mauler
“Scrap Golem, Mauler” created with D&D Monster Maker


For the next version of the scrap golem, I wanted something that was just a big, hulking monster. I envisioned something with two giant arms, which primarily smash objects and two chains that launch out of its back and pull things toward it to pummel.
Imagine, the party enters a scrap yard to find themselves being pulled into a heaping pile of animated junk, which is equipped with two fists that were once machines used to pulverize metal in bits.

Scrap Golem Mutilator
“Scrap Golem, Mutilator” created with D&D Monster Maker

Finally, for the third configuration, I pictured a scrap golem that was formed with an old furnace that is now a billowing source of molten energy. In fact, this furnace emits so much heat that things that come into contact with this golem are burned.

This version of the scrap golem is incredibly agile because of its power source that emits great amounts of energy. In addition, its furnace is such a mighty power source that it explodes when the creature is destroyed, causing an outburst of flames around it.


scrap golem ignitor
“Scrap Golem, Ignitor” created with D&D Monster Maker

It’s very interesting how much a simple concept can branch out into different versions of a creature. And there are so many options here for this creature that the possibilities are endless. What ideas do you have for a scrap golem?

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