Creating a Monster the Goborek

There are times when I am really tired but am inspired to create. There was one particular night when I had a friend over and we were creating some art and I sketched up a strange creature concept: A Goblin mixed with the chaos of a Demon.

I thought of how annoying goblins can be to fight in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons because of how easily they can escape from combat and hide. What if there was a demon that could do the same but with the unholy power of The Abyss fueling it?

I searched up a monster editing program that I had read about on Reddit and began to create the stats for this terrifying combination! I knew this creature was going to be nasty but I wasn’t expecting it do be this nasty! I added some abilities to it for flavor, because we all love a unique encounter, right?

“Goborek” art by Boggsimus

I first created this creature using a normal pencil, followed by some Microns. I eventually got around to throwing it on the scanner so I could get it into Photoshop. And that is where the magic truly happened. Once I began filling in some color on this thing, it seemed to have a more sinister look to it, especially with the glow effects I applied to its two weapons. Things with glowing weapons can be very dangerous to a party. Glowing weapons denotes magical power.

“Goborek” stats created with D&D Monster Maker.

The Goborek is a result of a dark pact between a tribe of goblins who began worshipping the dark powers of The Abyss. Since they retain some of their goblin traits, they are still very agile. In fact, it is rather frightening that these creatures can sneak up on unsuspecting travelers by climbing down walls behind them and striking at the most opportune moment.

These creatures are often found in caverns that are far from civilization. If there are other goblins around, they fear the Goborek because they are known to sometimes eat their goblin kin.

I wanted this creature to be familiar with its abilities but to be new it is the approach. I think players constantly underestimate certain creatures, especially if they are not that large. Here you have a creature the size of a normal person but quiet and nimble, which makes it very dangerous if they’re not paying attention.

I also thought it would be interesting to make this creature stealthy but to not be a total glass cannon; be able to dish out damage and also be able to take some punishment. And the moment of total shock the party will have when they sling spells and swing their weapons at this thing and it shrugs it all off.

And the cherry on top of the sundae was the trick I pulled with its weapons. I took away their power when the creature is slain. Goboreks are a result of a ceremony that bonds their soul to demonic sorcery, which fuels their weapons. When they are slain it’s like the flame is extinguished. It’s okay though, Goboreks have kept their love for shiny things and often have a small hoard of shining treasure in their dwellings.

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