In the Spotlight: Pearl Street Game and Coffee House

In the Spotlight Pearl

There are some ideas that sound too good to be true. When I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and happened upon a post from a friend talking about a coffee shop that offered tabletop gaming, I thought, “that is absolutely incredible! I have to reach out to them!” And that is literally what I did. I immediately jumped over to their Facebook page, liked it, and hit “Send Message”.

I found them at just the right time since I had just launched this site and was building a back-catalog of content for it. I sent a message letting them know of my intentions, in which I was greeted by Andrew, who was more than happy to accommodate.

I sent him over some questions for a little impromptu interview and he sent over some photos of their location and some happy customers. I would also be incredibly happy because coffee and tabletop gaming share a special place in my heart.

So if you are near Jeffersonville, Indiana, and you like coffee, gaming, or coffee and gaming, then you need to check out Pearl Street Game and Coffee House!

Boggsimus: “What inspired you to fuse a coffee shop with a gaming store?”

Andrew: “My dad is my greatest inspiration. He found a way to make his work & business about the things he loved. He loved golf. So he got a business degree and did anything he could to make sure his life was involved in the golf business. I have been a card collector my whole life and I am very competitive. That is what drew me into playing Magic; the collectible side and the competition of play side. I really love everything about it. The coffee combo comes from the fact that my wife and I both enjoy coffee together on a regular basis and I love working inside of coffee shops.”

Boggsimus: “What tabletop games do you find best for a coffee house setting?”

Andrew: “Wonky is amazing. It’s reverse Jenga with a little Uno mixed in. Everyone who comes into my shop who is not well versed on the new culture of games gets the introduction from me. Magic works well also on smaller tables because it usually is a heads up game. But I’ve learned quick in need 36″ tables for games like X-Wing. And I am a huge Star Wars fan so those tables are being made now. Games that don’t work are games where you have to shoot magnets across a table or some other random item. All that does is get in the way of someone else trying to enjoy their time.
Living board games also are great. We are getting ready to play a lot of kings of Tokyo and Seven Wonders and I think our tables will be perfect for it.”

Boggsimus: “What kind of events do you plan on having in your establishment?”

Andrew: “We have an open calendar. We want what the people want. We highly encourage people to fill that calendar with any game they want to play. If the people want help; we are having events every week with new games. It’s exciting for me because I will also be introduced to all the new games that continue to come out. Right now we have Fridays reserved for Magic: The Gathering. We have a King of Tokyo night coming up and an X-Wing night. There are others in the works as well involving Star Trek and believe it or not; Bridge. But we are completely wide open at this point.”

Boggsimus: “What kind of things could one find on your menu?”

Andrew: “Our menu is full of Espresso Drinks, Chai Teas, Smoothies, Organic Lemonade, Yoo-hoo, Cane Sugar Cokes, Black Tea, and we have water for free. We also have a much larger secret drink menu but you cannot order from it unless you pledge the secret oath.”

Boggsimus: “What future plans do you have for your business?”

Andrew: “Just growing. We know we are one of the few and many people walk in and the first thing they say is “What is this place?” They are generally excited and want to know more about what a board game cafe is. We spent a lot of time making sure the atmosphere was warm, inviting, and just right for people to relax and take a break. So for now, we are just enjoying our surroundings.
And getting the word out as much as possible.”

All of that makes me want to get some delicious coffee while you roll some dice, sling some cards, or march miniatures across the field!

Fusion concepts are the future and I am glad to see they are starting to take off! And I am particularly excited that this one combines two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly… or coffee and board games!

I think I am going to have to make a trip!

You know what’s awesome? Showing some love!
Visit Pearl Street Game and Coffee House on Facebook and check out their Website!
Tell them Boggsimus sent you over!

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3 thoughts on “In the Spotlight: Pearl Street Game and Coffee House

  1. I have an enlarged coffee bean for a heart. So taking tabletop gaming and coffee and mashing them into the environment of my dreams gives me an odd desire to attempt a similar establishment… though I don’t have enough money, OR the business experience to run such a place! After I got laid off last year I wanted to become a barista. Now seeing this actually gives me motivation, maybe we could figure something out? I shooting my question to a wide audience, so it’s not directed towards anyone… I’d love such a place! A trip seems likely in the future.


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