In the Spotlight: Brent Abel

In the Spotlight Brent Abel

Brent is one of the creative geniuses that has so much talent that it’s a shame the world doesn’t know him more than it does. Seriously, this guy’s works are absolute masterpieces! The funny thing is, I have seen him mostly building, painting, and converting models but rarely playing. This reminds me of myself with Magic: the Gathering’s Commander format; I thoroughly enjoy creating and tweaking my Commander decks, but enjoy playing them far less. It goes to show that the art of creating something can be just as fulfilling as playing.

When I started my work on Boggsimus Games, I knew that Brent’s work had to be showcased. He is truly a master of his craft! Anyone can throw some miniatures together and paint them. It takes a person of true innovation to take their minis to the level that Brent has achieved.

When it comes to conversions, Brent is like Macgyver. He is ingenious when it comes to finding different materials to utilize on his miniatures. I mean come on, he used a Mr. Potato Head as a conversion piece to create an Ork Stompa Mek for Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k (see photos below). And if you know anything about that game and its factions, it totally makes sense that Orks would have something that looked like a giant stomping potato man.

“My name is Brent Abel I’ve been an active gaming hobbyist for going on 25 years or more. I am a bit of an unorthodox painter and a major disciple of John Blanche. I’m a heavy customizer of my models and rarely leave anything stock. I currently play both Warhammer games and Saga regularly as well as playing in a few different roleplaying groups though I’ve played everything from Magic: the Gathering to historicals over the years.” -Brent Abel

Behold, a Brent in his natural habitat.

I have only painted a few models in my time of collecting miniatures, so I am in awe at home much work Brent is able to achieve with having a full-time job and a family. I know that when he’s working on a project, he’s already planning on another. You’ll definitely be seeing more of Brent’s work here on Boggsimus Games!

Want more from Brent? Check out his Instagram!

QA with Brent Abel

Question: What inspires you to convert a miniature?

“It’s like when you draw, I get a mental image of how a model may look or I may up some interesting backstory, and then I build what’s in my mind. I use a fair bit of greenstuff and plastacard, but I’m not ashamed to go digging through bits to help make my vision reality.”

Question: How long did it take you to develop the techniques you use for painting and conversions?

“That’s hard to say. I learn new things all the time that help improve my style, but I would say that over probably the last six years, or so my work has become especially recognizable as my look.”

Question: If you could only do conversions to one faction from a game, which would it be?

“Wow… that’s tough! I guess it would probably have to be Orks in 40k. There are just so many possibilities and let’s be fair it can be a relatively forgiving medium.”

Question: Where do you see your creations in the years to come?

Well, I would love to continue honing my craft and make a solid run someday at a Crystal Brush or a Golden Demon. It would also be nice no matter how unlikely to maybe make and produce some limited quantity original sculpts but who knows.

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