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All journeys must begin with taking first steps. And let me tell you, Boggsimus Games has been a journey.

I remember its inception clearly: I was sitting on the couch watching television after a long day at work. After awhile, the existential dread began to set in. I began to wonder what I was doing with my life. When people constantly would tell me, “why are you working here? You need to be doing art, design, music, writing, etc…”, I began to feel even more dead inside. After all, I had gone from job to job, with even a short stint in college that didn’t take me anywhere. How was I going to ‘make it’?

It became all too evident. It’s as people would always say: “Don’t wait for greatness to come to you, go out and achieve it!” And while I am a huge believer in hard work yielding results, I was skeptical about my endeavors becoming anything of that others would notice. But I decided to at least try, which was more than a lot of people with great ideas do, which is a pity. It’s simply amazing how much talent is out in the world!

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A Boggsimus in his natural habitat!

After I decided to go ahead, I immediately grabbed my phone and started creating a Facebook page. It was apparent to me that this project was going to be geared toward tabletop gaming, but I was unsure of the approach; there are a lot of people in the industry creating content, so how was I going to make my mark? I shrugged that off for the time being and invited all of my friends to ‘like’ the page to increase my page’s reach.

But like most projects, this one had its roadblocks. I would consistently find people who would want to help, but when it came down to it, wouldn’t offer any actual work. And I understand the cause for their excitement to help; I was so enthused about the project, that my energy sparked excitement into them as well. But I learned quickly, a lot of people will offer help, but not truly mean it.
It’s a lot of work to have a full-time job, organize a team of individuals, create content, and hit the social media outlets. At times, it was rather overwhelming. But, I overcame the hesitation by staying busy.

The first year of Boggsimus Games was developing a protocol for its administrative operations, formatting for its online presence, and the creation of a back-catalog of content.  It’s crazy to think my project is over two years old, but time sure does fly when you’re doing a million things at once. But that is what gets you places: hard work and effort. Having an idea is easy. But to put in the time on that idea is another thing entirely!

It wasn’t until entering the second year of Boggsimus Games that I hit my stride. A local library had contacted me about running some workshops on how to play tabletop games, using Dungeons & Dragons as a primer. That allowed me to further network with my local community. Although I am well known around the local gaming stores, I wasn’t anything special out of town. I sought to change this. Teaching at the library not only helped me network further within my community, but it also opened up options for where I could take Boggsimus Games and what content I could produce.

Boggsimus Games “Thinking Mascot”

The summer of 2016 was where things started to come together like pieces of a puzzle. I went to the Origins Game Faire in Columbus, Ohio to see what was new and exciting in the tabletop gaming world and what cool swag I could find. There I was, armed with only my business cards, which were already old and outdated with their logo and layout, and my desire to meet new people and find some cool games. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome I got from the community! People were excited for what I was doing and willing to give me products to showcase and review. I had told them I didn’t have a website ready, but it was in the works, and they incredibly still gave me stuff! That was when I figured it out that I had the necessary charisma to make it in this business!

It’s crazy to think of how many titles I have within my project: administrative, conceptual art, design, marketing, writing, public relations, etc… But that is what it’s all about; creating something that’s mine and being ‘the guy’ when it comes to the content. It’s interesting that I do so much work with Boggsimus Games that it takes up as much time as a full-time job, but it doesn’t feel like one. It takes up a lot of my thoughts in addition to time. I am always thinking of new content, projects, and companies to network with.

Boggsimus Games “Forward Facing Mascot”

It’s been a wild few years, but we’ve barely scraped the surface of what we can achieve. Yeah, we’ve made a dent in our local scene, but what about branching outside of that? How are we going to get noticed in the ever expanding sea of industry titans? Easy. We keep on producing content like we are a titan of the industry. We keep doing what we do because we love it. And if people are drawn to it, that’s a definite bonus!

This project started as a hub for everything tabletop gaming, and it will continue to be that. There are a lot of new and exciting games emerging on the scene, and I want us to be there on the front lines gathering intel and letting everyone know about it!

Thanks for following the adventures of Boggsimus Games and as always, stay awesome!

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