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Month: May 2017


Big Daddy Brews: Bant PolyOath

Hello, readers and friends! I’m back this week taking another look at Commander. I’m a huge fan of Mono-Green Tron in Pauper and decided that I wanted to try and win with Eldrazi, but instead of slapping together some Eldrazi ramp deck I wanted to do it in a particularly unfair way. This led me to Bant PolyOath!

Real Life

An Endeavor of Trials

All journeys must begin with taking first steps. I remember its inception clearly: I was sitting on the couch watching television after a long day at work. After awhile, the existential dread began to set in. I began to wonder what I was doing with my life. When people constantly would tell me, “why are you working here? You need to be doing art, design, music, writing, etc…”